In the framework of keep up with technological development and provide the latest medical treatments for heart patients, the medical team at the Great Prophet Hospital (R) - Beirut Center for the heart transplant on 06.30.2015 to conduct a special electrical device patients heart muscle failure process in the name of Heart Failure Barostim. This process has been conducted for two patients on the same day, knowing that this process will take place for the first time in Lebanon and the Middle East.
This modern electrical device is a complementary treatments for electrical treatments complementary to other treatments such as heart pacemakers and electric shocking device and the device ECG device coordination. Scientific studies have shown that the device the Barostim has led to an improvement in the symptoms of heart failure from shortness of breath and fatigue and swelling at 82% of the patients, it also led to a reduction in re-hospitalization rate by 85% where this device regulate and modify the balance back between anxiety friendly device Sympathetic and Analog Woody Parasympathetic of the heart, leading to an improvement in heart function.
It should be noted that the planting Barostim process is similar to the process of laying the battery with the difference that the electrical tape implanted under the skin near the carotid artery in the neck where there regulate nerve signals own heart center is carried out in collaboration between cardiologists and cardiac surgeons electricity and blood.