Al Rassoul Al-Aazam

This department is considered on of the most developed parts in the hospital equipped with the latest imaging technology that is available universally.

The department contains:

  • Cardiac CT scan (640) slices

This apparatus is considered the first in the Arab region and the latest medical tecnhnology in in scanner medical imaging that is cardiovascular specific, accurate, clear and fast in perfection. This aparatus helped to detect the early diagnosis of cardiac diseases, as well as it can detect early calcifications, cardiac and respiratory blood clots and the whole cardiovascular system with high precision.

  • Medical Resonance Imaging MRI (two apparatuses)

These two MRI machines are recognized for their high clarity, precision and speed, they are the up to date apparatuses that allows three dimantional imaging of the whole body. It allows cardiac muscles imaging which adds more clarity to diagnose cardiac morbidity.

  • Ultra Sound Machines

the hospital is equipped with highly sophisticated 3D Ultra Sound Machines to diagnose all kiuds of diseases especially cardiac cases.

  • Fluoroscopy Imaging Apparatus

It is rarely available in Lebanon due to its high technicality and specifications. It is updated to allow high clarity images with the least radiation dose which makes them the best among interventional equipment and vascular imaging.

  • Other diagnostic equipment

The medical imaging department also contains other diagnostic equipment that supplements its work and meets the up to date medical services requirements.