Skin Deseases

The first mistake many girls is located is that they believe that hair is fed from the outside creams and shampoos and paints and Gerha..o this error Kber..vsahih that some external hair cosmetics can gain some vital and abundance by stimulating the scalp and follicles Hair but the underlying hair food be Aldakhl..oa from inside the body through what is nourished by the body itself.
And a second error lies in it as well as some of the girls is that they do not eat fresh fruits and vegetables while dependent to a great extent as students university - the modern cuisine manufacturer and potato chips and canned juices and other food-free vitamins, minerals, containing chemicals ... They are so DUNS Perhaps to their hair without the familiar.
Four food in general is very important for hair and body, especially the often recommend taking it in many food programs, particularly those who suffer hair or fallen to its fold
Yeast baking:
It is one of the foods rich in many important nutrients for the body.
They are rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals public and is considered one of the richest foods in vitamin "B" boat is essential to the health and vitality of hair and durability as stated above.
The yeast is a rich source of folic acid and biotin, zinc, chromium .. all of which are essential elements for the growth and integration of the skin and hair.
Another important food for healthy hair It contains proteins and vitamin B and vitamins A, D, C and B vitamins are all important for the hair. If we add to milk curd honey brown increased nutritional value and usefulness of the hair.
Attending the wetlands of wheat, milk, in addition to nuts, raisins and humans (coconut) .oppezh composition of wetlands be a meal rich in many important nutrients needed to maintain the hair without the fall they are rich in vitamin (a), (e), (b) Composite and other vitamins as it is rich in iron, calcium and silicon, which also increases the gloss and strengthens hair.
Foods element of the richest iron kind of easy absorption and who benefits by the body well.
So the liver of good to fight and resist iron-deficiency anemia accused of occurrence of the fall of the hair and the weakness of foods.
The liver contains vitamins and minerals important for hair vitamin niacin such as "12" and Abannttenk and biotin and folic !!
All elements critical to the health of the hair and protect it from falling.
Not a few percentage of people reluctant to eat fresh vegetables or other uncooked and the proportion of exposure from eating some fruit.
It is known that fruits and vegetables are the main source of vitamins needed by the public body and a private hair.
Therefore, we find that those people exposed for vegetables and fruits in the habit of suffering skin problems or Alha.
We advised to complain of hair from the fall of interest in addressing the following fruits and vegetables:
With dark leaves vegetables: spinach, mallow, expert, purslane.
Fresh vegetables such as watercress, carrots, green pepper, tomato, parsley.
Cooked vegetables such as peas, beans, okra.
Fresh fruits such as guava, apples, oranges, apricots.
This group of foods rich in vitamin "B 2" vitamin "B6" vitamin "c" ..
It is very important vitamins for healthy hair and keep it from embrittlement and falls.