Coinciding with the World Week disease heart failure (Heart Failure) established the Great Prophet Hospital scientific symposium on 05.29.2015 in the lecture hall in the heart of Beirut center of the heart, the heart was attended by doctors, nurses and patients (Heart Failure).

The seminar was opened by Dr. Mansour Hassan (Head of Medical Service of the heart and heart power in the Beirut Center for the heart).

Then a lecture on heart failure, Dr. Moses owner (head of cardiac intensive care department at the Beirut Center for the heart).
 It was for sport, food and their importance to the health of the heart space in this symposium with a physical therapist Abdullah Ghaith and nutritionist Howrah Halbawi.

There was also the word of Dr. Ali Rabah (Cardiologist and electricity to the heart specialist) about the CRTD. And Dr Hamdan Rgab Cardiologist) competent and heart failure), presented the experience of the center with respect to synthetic pump (LVAD) .heart4

He has the patient spring Zidane, who has newly normal heart transplant operation was carried out at the center, to speak about his experience in the successful cultivation. The meeting concluded with a paragraph Ask Doctor and buffet.